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so that climate

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can have impact

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and bring us

back to a future

that has a stable

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Industrial Chimney emitting CO2 and other greenhouse gases

The emerging climate frontier

Developing countries, in their fair pursuit for economic progress, are building infrastructure that will lock emissions for the next 40 years. The United States, through public research and abundance of private capital, is fueling a boom of climate technologies.

Unfortunately climate companies take over 10 years to grow south. The added complexity and risk make projects in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia significantly harder than those in the US.

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The solution is to Unblock existing barriers

Unblock shrinks the gap between the application of climate technology in developed and developing economies. We bring new services and align local capital to help American climate companies grow internationally faster and with less risk.

By reducing operational complexity we aim to make it indifferent for companies to grow further in the US or abroad. By aligning local capital we bring expertise and local buy-in.

Our first quest:

Eliminate flaring

in Latin America

Environmental Stewardship
for Latin America's oil companies.

When oil companies drill oil wells, they sometimes produce gas as a byproduct. When they don't have access to a pipeline the most economical thing to do with the gas is to light it on fire (flare it).

Flaring is a huge climate problem.

In 2021, the world flared the same amount of gas to power Subsaharan Africa. Eliminating all flaring can avoid the equivalent of eliminating the footprint of all cars, trucks and buses.

Latin America flares an equivalent amount of what Uruguay consumes in electricity per year. Worldwide, Argentina is where flaring has increased the most the last 5 years.

Venezuela, is one of the top 3 flaring countries worldwide. As long as Latin America keeps producing oil it needs to do so responsibly.

This implies mitigating flaring.

What we believe

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Humanity will stabilize the climate. Technology will uncouple growth from emissions.

There’s no need for a trade-off between growth and climate stability. We need to (and will) achieve both.

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Incentives can be the most powerful force for climate products to grow.

Climate companies can deliver better products and services, harnessing market forces to grow faster.

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Developing economies deserve prosperity and a safe environment.

A better future for emerging countries combines both economic progress and a cleaner environment.

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The scale of the climate challenge is enormous. Our ambitions have to match it.

We believe on an “all of the above” approach to incrementally reduce emissions. We focus on the problems that from a fundamentals perspective can reduce such emissions faster.

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In countries with inefficient judiciary one is only as valuable as their word.

Trust is at the core of everything we do. We operate in harsh environments where trust, and trustworthy partners are the key to success.

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We win if our partners win.

We are building a flywheel. The more our customers, technology partners, and investors win, the more we can impact the climate.

Meet the team

Tomas Ocampo Photo



CEO and Founder

Tomas has been working for over 7 years on how to scale climate companies faster into the developing world.

Before Unblock he attended Stanford for an MS in Energy and an MBA, and earned a JD in Argentina. He also founded and lead a $150M fund for one of Latin America’s largest energy companies.

Joaquin Grande Photo



Engineering Operations

Joaquin is a civil engineering from UBA in Argentina. Before Unblock he was an analyst focused on public tenders for large scale infraestructure projects. He wrote his thesis on cities flood controlling mechanisms.

He leads local supply chain and our key relations with engineering contractors.

Fernando Unblock Electrician at a flare mitigation site in patagonia



Electrical Operations

Electrical expert, Fernando has experience in industrial power systems and automation all through Latin America. Before Unblock he had a long trajectory designing and building oil and gas and industrial electric systems.

Fernando joined Unblock focused on our data center field operations.

Picture of Leandro Planas next to data center in Neuquen, Argentina



Data Center Operations

Leandro is a mechanical engineer -self-taught in Python and electronics- with an obsession on data center performance.

Before Unblock Leandro led engineering at a Chinese IoT startup and a had several engineering roles at motorcycle manufacturers.

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